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    Toucan Pet Centre guarantees your pets the best of everything. We continually add to the products we have available here at our Adelaide pet store and bring you quality new pet products as and when they arrive on the market.

    Our pet shop is stocked full of everything you could ever dream of, from pet food and cages to pet treatments and accessories, to pets themselves! We can also update you on the most in-demand new pet products that pet owners across North Adelaide, Parkside, Norwood, Medindie, Unley, and the rest of South Australia are raving about.

    All the new pet products we sell are tried, tested and reviewed to ensure performance and safety. Toucan Pet Centre is proud to offer you some of the very best pet essentials that are sought-after by both domestic and professional animal owners.

    Royal Canin

    After months of Royal Canin not being available we have good news.... 

    Royal Canin has started filtering back though onto our shelves. 

    Black Hawk have introduced new packaging and new products. There is a lot more range for our feline friends and some new ones for our canine friends. Black Hawk is available in grain or grain free and is Australian Made.  

    Product of the Month - November


    clover pellets

    WOMBAROO Clover Pellets is our product of the month. 

    The Clover Pellets contain Vitamin C which is vital for the health of guinea pigs.

    With 22% fibre you can be assured your Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are going to have a healthy digestive function.

    There is a feeding guide to follow to help stop over feeding and you'll be surprised at how little they require. This is because the food is made up of just what your furry friend requires. 

    Did you know 80% of a rabbit and guinea pig's diet should be grasses and hay? The rest of the diet is to be made up of fresh fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and a small amount of pellets. 

    Straw is not the same as hay and is not a suitable food for rabbits and guinea pigs. However it does make a popular bedding material. Straw is the stalk that's left over after the grain is harvested, leaving no nutritional value. Hay is dried grasses that are harvested when they are at their optimal nutritional level and still have any seeds still attached. 



    Cat’s Best Öko Plus litter has many advantages. The best thing about it for our family is that the clumps can be flushed down the toilet. The urine clumps make it easier to dispose of and the litter lasts longer because you are only taking out what has been used. The cats do track it a little bit, but it is soft underfoot, meaning no painful stones if we step on it. Very easy to use and we don’t have to change the whole litter very often.

    Call us today on 08 8410 2752 to find out more about our impressive new pet products!
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