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Healthy fish food and supplies in Adelaide

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    To keep your fish in peak condition, you need to invest in high-quality fish food. In return, your fish will be more active and showcase a beautiful and colourful set of scales.

    Fish food alone is not enough to keep your fish in optimal health, so you’ll also need to provide a variety of supplements and medication. Toucan Pet Centre in Adelaide helps to provide your fish with a varied and balanced diet, as well as medication.

    We also offer expert advice on what fish food is best, and how often you should be feeding and supplying medication. After 40 years in the industry, you can trust our family team to aid in keeping your aquarium bustling with life!

    Fish food brands

    Here at Toucan Pet Centre, we’ve got specially formulated fish food to enhance the colour and health of your pet fish. Buying the correct fish food will depend on the size, type and environment of your fish, and we have an extensive selection to suit almost any scaly little friends.

    It is important to feed your fish with high-quality brand fish food and to vary their diet, which can be achieved with flakes, pellets, frozen fish foods, shrimp pellets and sinking algae discs. The leading brands of fish food we sell include:

    • Fluval
    • Nutrafin
    • Wardley
    • Fish Fuel

    We have great knowledge of all the fish food brands we stock, and can offer you sound advice on keeping them in a happy, healthy environment. 

    Fish medication

    The best prevention against disease and illnesses is to keep your fish in a stress-free environment. Fish can get sick quite easily when stressed, which can be caused by travelling home, the addition of new fish, not receiving regular water changes and complete water changes.

    A varied diet, good water parameters and a stable water temperature are just a few things you can do to keep your fish relaxed and healthy. However, you still need to provide them with the appropriate medication to help protect your fish against illness.

    We have a selection of fish medication from leading brands, such as Blue Planet and API. In addition to preventative supplements, we also have fish medication to help with bacterial, parasite and fungal problems.

    Not sure what you need? Don’t worry, just ask our experts for the best products for your species of fish!

    For advice on leading fish food and medication brands, just speak to the team today on 08 8410 2752!
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