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Quality pet grooming products in Adelaide

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    We specialise in high-performance pet grooming products, from pet-friendly shampoos to luxury and budget coat clippers. We stock all your pet essentials under one roof at our well-established pet shop in Adelaide.

    You can shop with confidence whether you need pet nail care products or effective flea and worming treatments. Our 40 years in the industry have gained us extensive knowledge regarding the best bang-for-your-buck pet care and grooming products on the market.

    Nothing’s more important to us than your pet’s health, so it’s easy to see why so many pet owners throughout North Adelaide, Parkside, Norwood, Medindie, Unley, and the rest of South Australia choose Toucan Pet Centre!


    Help to keep your cats and dogs looking great with our high-quality grooming products and coat clippers. Regular grooming will enhance your pet’s natural gloss and shine, and helps to avoid matting and tangled fur. We have all the brushing and de-shedding tools you need at our Adelaide store.

    As experts, we recommend establishing early grooming habits, especially with longhaired breeds to remove dust, loose hair and dead skin. Grooming can be an enjoyable bonding time with your dogs and cats, and is something you should start the moment they arrive at your home.

    Shampoo and conditioners

    Quality pet shampoos and conditioners are an important part of your dog’s cleaning regime, and are a great aid in keeping pet hair free of tangles and smelling great. Bathing helps to keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy, and can protect your dog from parasites and skin problems.  

    Toucan Pet Centre Pty Ltd has specially formulated grooming products, including detangler sprays and medicated shampoos and conditioners. If you happen to own a breed of cat that likes spending time in water, we also have some products available that can achieve amazing results.

    Flea control

    Fleas are a common parasite associated with both cats and dogs that can cause severe itching and inflammation of the skin, leading to dermatitis. At Toucan Pet Centre, we bring you trusted and proven flea treatments that have prolonged residual effect, including:

    • Frontline
    • Advantage
    • Revolution
    • Advocate

    All animals should be treated with flea prevention products to keep them in the very best of health, and to keep your home and family flea-free.

    Intestinal worming

    We supply all types of wormer products for both cats and dogs. Any vet will recommend de-worming your pets regularly, using a leading quality branded treatment to ensure your pet’s good health. We stock:

    • Revolution
    • Drontal
    • Advocate
    • Profender (cats only)

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    For expert advice on the best pet grooming products, just give us a shout on 08 8410 2752!
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